In-Home Therapy

Traditional behavioral health services take place in an office building or medical setting. However, for many mental health conditions affecting children or youths, services are best provided in the home. Sunrise Behavioral Health Clinic is at the forefront of providing in-home therapy for children and youth in need.In Home Therapy

What Is In-Home Therapy?

In-home therapy recognizes that mental health problems are about more than one individual. Children and youth are a product of their home environment, which includes parents, siblings, and other people living in the home. Ignoring these other environmental factors makes it difficult if not impossible to sustain long-lasting change in a child’s emotional status or behavior. Thus, in-home therapy is focused on understanding the home environment and how it may contribute to a child’s psychological distress.

 In-home therapy can be beneficial for a variety of clients, including those with:

  • Emotional regulation problems
  • Developmental disabilities
  • Issues related to potential child abuse, neglect, or safety concerns
  • Pre- or post-adoption issues
  • Autism
  • Parenting education needs
  • Behavioral problems, including aggression or acting out
  • Severe mental illness

The ultimate goal of in-home therapy is to address the child or youth’s mental health, emotional, and behavioral needs. This might include the child learning new skills to better regulate emotions and respond productively to situations. It may also involve family members learning how to better support their loved one’s mental health needs. In-home therapy can be effective in improving family functioning and may even diminish the need for inpatient psychiatric care in the future. Willingness and openness to change are the best characteristics for families hoping to benefit from in-home therapy services.

What to Expect from In-Home Therapy

The specific objectives of in-home therapy depend on the types of problems being addressed. The therapy begins with an initial home visit in which team members observe the environment and family members’ interactions. This allows us to create a plan to address areas of weakness and improve family functioning. Specific activities of in-home therapy might include:

  • Assessment of the home environment. The team may focus on risk management or safety planning.
  • Identification of environmental factors that make a child’s difficulties worse as well as those that improve symptoms
  • Practicing strategies to improve communication between family members
  • Assessment of discipline in the home, with strategies to improve ineffective disciplinary techniques.
  • Development of greater familial and social support for the child or caregivers
  • Identification of strengths and areas for growth for the child as well as the family

In addition to home therapy visits, phone consultation is an important part of our services. This allows families to engage with the care team if they have questions or need help with a specific issue.  Our In-Home Therapy Team

At Sunrise Behavioral Health Clinic, our In-Home Therapy Team has received specialized training in child and family therapy in the home environment. We take a holistic approach to care, conceptualizing the primary client’s psychological functioning as a product of his or her entire environment. This provides a unique glimpse into the child’s life and allows us to create a targeted treatment plan to address core issues. Treatments tend to be targeted and solution focused. They may center on the child/youth, subsets of the family, or the entire family.

Our In-Home Therapy team offers services in English or Spanish. Contact us today to learn how we can support your child and family.